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About MyBASE

MyBASE is an integrated platform for the functional and evolutionary genomic study of the important bacterial genus Mycobacterium, which is notorious for its two members, Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) and Mycobacterium leprae (M.leprae), the causative agent of tuberculosis (TB) and leprosy.

Besides the regular genome annotations, MyBASE also integrated different types of data both from public literature and our lab, as follows,
    1) genome polymorphic region, e.g. large sequence polymorphisms (LSPs), usually called regions of difference (RDs)
    2) predicted operon
    3) the annotation of essential genes, virulence genes and the role in pathogenesis.

Users can fast browse and explore MyBASE by toolbox we provided. The toolbox contains a powerful search engine by multiple keywords, a genome visualization tool and a multi-genome comparison viewer.

Any problem and suggestion, please kindly contact us.

Citation: Zhu, X.X, Chang, S.H., Fang, K.C., Cui, S.J., Liu, J., ..., Wang, J. 2009. MyBASE: a database for genome polymorphism and gene function studies of Mycobacterium. BMC Microbiology. 9:40. Full Paper

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